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BG-800 Blood Gas & Electrolyte Analyzer measures pH, pO2, pCO2, K, Na, Cl, Ca and Hct and calculates 16 additional parameters. Results for a 120 uL whole blood, 35 uL capillary blood arterial blood sample are displayed and printed within 90 seconds.


Patient parameters, including FIO2, patient ID, patient temperature, B.P. and other informaiton can be entered using the touch screen menus and integrated with patient results. Such information is vital when caring or patients with critical illness or respiratory disease. As a result, the blood gas analyzer is one of the most common tests performed on patients in intensive care units (ICUs).


BG-800 is biosafe operation analyzer. Simple, snap-in replacement of self-contained reagent pack. Used calibrants and waste are contained in a closed system for safe and easy disposal. Gas tanks are eliminated. In addition, we provide different sizes reagent packs such as 50 tests, 100 tests, 200 tests, 300 tests to meet different customer's need.


Non-membrane-changed accurate, stable electrodes ensure economical operation and a low cost per sample.


High resolution and big 10.4' touch screen with simple menus for easy operation with minimal operator training. The data storage stores over 10000 measuring results and N, L and H quality-control data. Besides, the it can be expanded as large as you need.


Convenient RS-232 interface, LIS connection under HL7 protocol and USB port or other data management system. Two back-up batteries work at least 2 hours.


Routine maintenance is limited to the replacement of the reagent pack, electrodes, and a single pump tube.

Cornley BG 800 Blood Gas Electrolyte Analyzer

  • Technical Specifications

    Model Name/Number BG 800
    Brand Cornley
    Usage/Application Laboratory Use
    Assays CA++, CL+,Na+,Glu,Lac,pH,PCo2, pO2,Hct.
    Operation Mode Fully Automatic
    Number Of Simultaneous Test Items 50 tests, 100 tests, 200 tests, 300 tests
    Interface RS-232 interface
    Certified CE, ISO, FSC
    Touch Screen Size 10.4inch
    Battery Backup Two back-up batteries work at least 2 hours
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