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● Throughput: up to 180 tests/hour

● 24 hours ready-to-use

● Time to first result:17 minutes

Maglumi 2000 Fully Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer (CLIA)

  • Features

    High throughput of 180 tests/hour and

    Capable of performing more than 166 parameters provides convenience.

    Sample position - 144; Reagent position - 15

    ABEI and Nano magnetic microbead enhances stability and sensitivity of Maglumi reagents thereby providing accurate results.

    Convenience of 50 and 100 tests pack size

    Calibrator and QC provided inside the kit provides economy and convenience

    FDA approved - ensuring better quality

  • Technical Specifications

    Reagent Feature

    Flash chemiluminescence label – ABEI, with high sensitivity and log stability

    Nano magnetic microbeads separation, fast and efficient

    Mode of Operation - Random, Batch & STAT

    Sample Loading

    Up to 144 sample tubes

    Continuous loading, STAT available

    Barcode reader recognition or analyzer auto numbered

    Refrigerated sample area with independent power supply

    Reagent Loading

    15 reagent on board

    Continuous loading

    RFID reading all info of reagent

    Refrigerated reagent area


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