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As one of the world's smallest fully automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer, Maglumi 800 integrates a large capacity and high speed analysis into a compact design achieving the perfect balance between size and performance in immunological testing.


  • Throughput: up to 180 tests/hour
  • 24 hours ready to use
  • Time to first result: 17 minutes
  • Analyzer auto numbered
  • LIS Connection
  • Comprehensive Software with real time status monitoring for each test
  • Test Summary Function
  • Westgard rules and Levey-Jennings chart for both internal and external quality control
  • One of the broadest CLIA test menu

Maglumi 800 Fully Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer (CLIA)

  • Technical Specifications

    Sample Loading:

    • Sample Position: 40
    • Continuous sample and reagent Loading, STAT Available
    • Refridgerated Sample Area with independent power supply

    Reagent Loading:

    • Reagent Positions: 9
    • RFID Reading all info of reagents
    • Refridgerated Reagent Area

    Pipettor coated with TEFLON:

    • Flexible reagent and sample arm
    • Titanium needle with crush-proof function
    • Clot detection and Liquid Level Detection
    • TEFLON coating for carry over prevention
    • Inner and external washing

    Multiple Wash Process:

    • 3 pairs of washing needles with anti-overflow function 
    • Intelligent magnetic field design ensures good separation

    Measure Unit:

    • High sensitivity and low noise photomultiplier (PMT)
    • Cuvettee detection and anti-overflow
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