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Save Space without Compromising on Throughput


  • Throughput: maximum 200 tests/hour
  • Continue to use MAGLUMI® reagent kits with perfect compatibility (181 parameters)
  • Reagent positions: 20
  • Sample positions: 72
  • Single reaction cup with integrated packaging

Maglumi X3 Fully Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer (CLIA)

  • Technical Specifications

    Reagent & Sample Loading:

    • 72 sample position with barcode reader
    • sample in each position can be defined as STAT
    • 20 reagent positions with RFID reader, 24 hours refriedgerated at 10˚C (±3˚C)
    • No pause loading/unloading of reagents/samples without waiting or interrupting tests
    • Reagent and sample indicator light available, real time status monitoring, no need to check on the computer monitor

    Single reaction cup with integrated packaging:

    • Single reaction cup can avoid light pollution and increase the cuvette utilisation
    • Single reaction cup with integrated packaging can avoid the stuck of the cuvette and destroying the cuvette wall

    Intelligent UI Interface:

    • New User Friendly UI Interface, supports multi-Languages
    • Real time display for monitoring each test procedure, reagent and consumable quantities, its convenient for the management
    • Intelligent error recovery

    Convenient Management of Analyzer Status:

    • Intuitive indicator light of reagent, sample and consumables. 
    • No need to focus on the monitor, the status can be known by looking at the analyzer from a distance

    Accurate Pipetting Technology:

    • Single needed coated with TEFLON to avoid carryover
    • Independent washing unit for the needle, with different washing modes depending on differnt assay
    • Pipetting detection technologies include liquid level, clot and crash detection can ensure accurate and normal pipetting.

    Accurate Incubation Technology:

    • Single reaction cup with 5 sided heating at 37˚C (±0.3˚C) ensuring accurate, quick and uniform incubation
    • Incubating 80 Cuvettes simultaneously
    • Non-Contact mixing with different modes before incubation ensuring sufficient reaction

    High Efficiency Washing Technology:

    • Magnetic separation washing with 4 step independent units and non-contact vortex mixing can reduce non-specific binding
    • Different mixing modes depending on different assays, ensuring a sufficient washing to improve sensitivity

    Stable and Accurate Measuring Chamber:

    • ABEI Label exclusive proprietory technology
    • PMT with heating and cooling function, ensuring the detection precision
    • Independent measuring room, avoid light cross-contamination
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