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SABIO140 Automated ESR Analyzer is a benchtop system which has complete integration in the Hematology laboratories by the direct determination of ESR from Blood/EDTA samples with its smart and innovative technology combining “ccd cam” and internationally accepted Westergren method.

SABIO140 is completely cost effectiveprovides patient comfort and environment friendly since it is using same EDTA tubes coming from CBC tests.

40 sample loading positions, suitablity to continuous loading for 23 minutes when you start running the instrument, being maintenance free, being environment-friendly, LCD touch screen and data transmission to LIS  are just some of the advanced features of the analyzer which provides laboratory comfort and productivity.


  • Use of the same CBC tubes. No dedicated citrate tube needed
  • Westergren method by CCD camera
  • Use of smart cards
  • No reagents required, environment friendly
  • 40 sample loading positions, up to120 tests/hour
  • Continuous loading of samples untill the first result
  • First result available after 24 minutes and each following result within 5 sec.
  • 10 inch LCD touch screen
  • User friendly software
  • Built-in Thermal Printer (optional external printer)
  • LIS connection
  • Optional Barcode reader

SABIO 140 Automated ESR Analyzer

  • Technical Specifications

    • Principle - Westergren method by CCD Camera
    • Sample Loading Positions - 40, Direct loading of Blood/EDTA Samples
    • Throughput - Up to120 samples/hour
    • Time to First Result - First result in 24 minutes
    • Time to Next Result - 5 seconds
    • Minimum Sample Volume - 2 ml
    • Sample Test Volume - 2 ml-3 ml
    • Barcode Reader - External (optional)
    • Internal Printer - Yes
    • LIS Communication - Yes
    • Display - Liquid Touch Screen, 800x600 pixel
    • Operating Environment - Temperature: 15°C-35°C,  Humidity: <80%
    • Power Requirement - A.C. 110-230V <=300 VA   50/60Hz
    • Dimension - 690mm(L) x425mm(W) x 315mm(H)
    • Weight - 28 KG
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